About Us

bdashd-600x333It has often been seen on the face of a headstone the name of a beloved soul followed by his date of birth, a DASH, and the date of his passing.  That ‘DASH represents his life and every lasting moment in between. At bDASHd we take pride and pleasure in helping celebrate each individual DASH. Our creative concepts, intricate attention to detail, and customized specifications set us apart from other conventional event planners and consultants. Our planning team will keep a close eye on the organization and facilitation of the event, while our design team will help you brand your event by adding a personal stamp on your special occasion. Of course we are honored to assist in the planning and preparation of the traditional birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers, but we delight in the opportunity to celebrate every milestone, promotion, and life changing moment. We love to seek and discover both common and uncommon reasons to celebrate life. So get creative with us, find a reason to celebrate, and call us to help bring your event to life in a fun and meaningful way. bDASHd…Celebrate Your DASH!